Toyota Car Care - Safety Belts

Safety Belts are important safety equipment in your Toyota and require special care.


Cleaning Seat Belts

  • Clean with mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Use a cloth or sponge.As you are cleaning, check the belts for excessive wear, fraying or cuts.
  • Notice: Do not use dye or bleach on the belts – it may weaken them.



When using the seat belts, observe the following:

  • Avoid reclining the seatbacks too much. The seat belts provide maximum protection when the seatbacks are in the upright position. (Refer to the seat adjustment instructions.)
  • Be careful not to damage the belt webbing or hardware.
  • Take care that they do not get caught or pinched in the seat or doors.
  • Inspect the belt system periodically. Check for cuts, fraying and loose parts.
  • Damaged parts should be replaced.Do not disassemble or modify the system.
  • Keep the belts clean and dry. If they need cleaning, use a mild soap solution or lukewarm water. Never use bleach, dye or abrasive cleaners; they may severely weaken the belts.
  • Replace the belts assembly (including bolts) if the vehicle has been in a severe collision.
  • The entire assembly should be replaced even if damage is not obvious.Warning:Seat belts are designed to bear upon the bony structure of the body, and should be worn low across the front of the pelvis, chest and shoulders.
  • Wearing the lap section of the belt across the abdominal area must be avoided.
  • Seat belts should be adjusted as firmly as possible to provide the protection for which they have been designed. A slack belt will greatly reduce the protection afforded to the wearer.
  • Care should be taken to avoid contamination of the webbing with polishes, oils and chemicals, and particularly battery acid.
  • The belt should be replaced if webbing becomes frayed, contaminated or damaged.
  • Belts should not be worn with straps twisted.Each belt assembly must only be used by one occupant; it is dangerous to put a belt around a child being carried on the occupant’s lap.


No modification or additions should be made by the user which will either prevent the seat belt adjusting devices from operating to remove slack or prevent the seat belt assembly from being adjusted to remove slack.

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